Surviving the Loss of a Child

Guided Meditation to Help Heal Grief After Loss of a Child


healing grief and loss

healing grief and loss

When a life changing crisis happens such as the loss of a child you can feel helpless and confused, full of fear and at a loss. You have been thrown into a world you cannot imagine; a life you did not plan. To help relieve some of the pain guided meditation may help the grief after loss. Meditation helps to relieve stress and repair your body so you are better able to cope with the stages of the grief you will have to go through.

After a trauma such as the death of a child the chemicals in your brain change, disrupt your sleep, moods, eating and have far reaching affects, but if you can take a few minutes to do a guided meditation this will give your body and brain some relief even if for a short time. The reason I suggest guided meditation is because it will give your mind instructions and techniques to help you meditate whereas meditation without guidance will allow your mind to wander and likely focus on your loss.

No, the meditation won’t fix your pain but it will help you take steps to get you through some of the difficult stages of grief that you will have to face. It will help you sleep better and to give your mind mini breaks from the torment you will likely experience.

I remember I thought how ridiculous, how can I take time to sit and do a meditation, I wanted to suffer, I was afraid I would forget the pain and if I did then I would forget my son, but at the same time I was neglecting everything else, I had a husband who was sick, another son though grown needed me to be there to some degree. So I decided to try the meditation and let it guide me through a series of visualization images and instructions and though I fought it, over time it came to help me relax even for 10 minutes, after all what was 10 minutes out of very long days and nights where I did not sleep for days and weeks on end.

Self care is something you will need to pay attention to even though you probably won’t want to but remember others need you too and if you think you feel down and in pain now then being sick on top of how you feel will only exacerbate the pain.

Learn Guided Meditation to Help Heal Grief After the Loss of a Child by Andrea Preece

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  1. Lanie
    April 23, 2012 at 6:49 am (3 years ago)

    Thank you for the advice. Take care.

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