Surviving the Loss of a Child

Your Child’s Picture in a Heart Locket

Memorial Keepsake

Keep Your Child's Picture Close

After I lost my son, I wanted to keep him close to me, yet I was so afraid to surround myself with pictures as the memories were  so painful. Many people find comfort in surrounding themselves with pictures and memories, while others find pain at least for a while in seeing pictures, clothing and bedrooms full of their child’s items.

It took me 6 years before I was able to put pictures out without breaking down every time I saw my son. It’s not that I did not want to have him close to me, it really was a push, pull, I did keep a small picture in my wallet though and a picture in a beautiful heart shaped locket my husband bought me.

It was a wonderful gift, I was able to fit a picture of the four of us and keep us together, since then I have collected several other lockets I love them so much and I can keep my son close to my heart.


Think of other ideas to keep your child close to you:

A beautiful picture frames

A cross for Mom or Dad with the family initials engraved on the back

A water fountains to create a peaceful sanctuary to sit and meditate

Plant a tree or your favourite flower such as a rose bush

Donate to a foundation in memory of your child

Begin a collection of keepsakes, one for every year

Do what ever you love, you know want you and your child would love the most, You are honouring yourself and the memory of your child. This will help ground you and you will know in your heart you have kept a tradition.

Maintain Your Beautiful Traditions and Memories,

From the heart,


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